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We are experts in the use, shredding and production of natural fibers!

Our story

Green Leaf - Natural Fibers

Green Leaf was founded in 2021 based on the shared ideals of two companies from Santander. These companies are StaterraCorp, a specialist in agribusiness and rural entrepreneurship, and Garces Bottier, a well-known women's shoe and accessories brand committed to sustainable fashion.

Identifying one of the primary environmental challenges facing pineapple crops in the region, which is the waste generated after the second pineapple harvest, led us to see an opportunity in utilizing this waste for producing natural fibers.

Traditionally, this waste is burned, which not only negatively impacts the environment by releasing CO2 into the atmosphere but also harms the soil.

We asked ourselves, "What can be done with this waste?"


Inspired by this challenge, after extensive field research and close collaboration with farmers and allies in the sector, Green Leaf was born.

We specialize in transforming pineapple crop waste, specifically the leaves, directly in the field, working closely with local producers and rural women with expertise in spinning and handicrafts. This approach allows us to promote rural agro-industrial development, mitigate the environmental impact associated with waste management, and empower local communities.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the quality of our products. We offer a unique raw material in Colombia, sourced entirely from plants, benefiting both the land and the farmers. Additionally, we present a modern proposition for sustainable fashion through our accessories brand, which incorporates both natural fibers and other reclaimed materials.

At Green Leaf, we aspire to lead the natural fiber sector, promoting the circular economy and offering sustainable alternatives for the textile, fashion, construction industries, among others.


Our team

Equipo - Silvia Castellanos 2.jpg

Silvia Castellanos

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder, specialized in product development. 

Foto de Sil.jpg

Yenny Garces

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder, specialized in design and sales.

Equipo - Jennifer Gonzalez.jpg

Jennifer Gonzalez

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder, specialized in marketing and sales.


sonia garces

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder, specialized in business development.

Equipo Javier Vásquez 2.jpg

Javier Vasquez

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder, specialized in finance and business development.

Our Allies

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